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Lacey Alexander Chiropractor Of NapervilleProviding Compassionate Care

Dr. Lacey Alexander’s health practice may seem unconventional by today’s standards. Instead of rushing through an appointment, she takes the time to listen first and treat second. Her calm demeanor and knowledgeable background assures even the most anxious patients that they are in skilled, caring hands. Instead of being seen by a number of different practitioners throughout your visit, Dr. Lacey Alexander is the sole provider of services from neurological testing, to adjustments, trigger point massage, therapies and rehabilitation, adjustments, to massage and to all other treatment methods.

Providing Individualized Service

When it comes to chiropractic care, Dr. Lacey treats YOU, not your condition. She uses a holistic, whole body approach to treatment and knows that every individual is different in terms of pain and healing. You will become a partner in your care and together with Dr. Lacey begin a rehabilitation plan to bring your body back into balance and optimal health.

Targeted Treatment Approach

Whether you are experiencing pain from an injury at work, a sports injury or from any other type of accident, Dr. Lacey uses her own success-proven Three-Tiered Treatment Method to reduce or eliminate pain and get you back to renewed health and well-being as quickly as possible. She is also passionate about helping families with preventative care and can help children with misalignments due to heavy backpacks, and excessive computer strain.

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